Fresh Matsutake Under 2.5”


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Size: Under 2.5 inches, this is a very good way to buy matsutake on a budget. They are small, also called dinks. The cap is not usually formed (closed cap) to this sized mushroom. If the cap is formed, they probably won’t have a veil left. These are not pretty. Please be sure to view the picture before purchasing. We do not give refunds for the reason of not knowing what the mushroom looked like. Sorry, but it has happened before, and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We will NOT refund or replace your order if you buy these and are not happy with the size. Make sure you write in the notes if you want the closed caps, or you will get a variety, some with closed caps, some with open caps.
We do not clean the matsutake before shipping, otherwise they dry out fast and do not last long. When they arrive, wrap them in a moist cloth and place in a strainer, not in plastic, keep the cloth moist until you are ready to use them, this helps them stay fresh longer. Clean them with a clean, wet sponge when you are ready to use them, do not run them under water.

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