Fresh Honey Mushrooms


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Honey mushrooms are a very dirty mushrooms, so you will need to wash what you are using right away before using them. You can rinse them off, just don’t soak them.

Besides their many health benefits, honey mushrooms are tasty, versatile and easy to enjoy in a number of different recipes. They have a slightly sweet yet earthy flavor and a distinct, chewy texture. They can be sautéed for a simple side dish or combined with other veggies to make a nutritious stir-fry. Alternatively, you can use these mushrooms in pasta dishes, soups or stuffing’s to give your favorite recipes a kick of extra flavor and antioxidants.

There are many health benefits to this mushroom as well.


Honey mushrooms should always be cooked prior to consumption. They are unsafe to eat raw and can cause serious side effects. Some people may not be able to tolerate honey mushrooms even after cooking and may experience symptoms like nausea, cramps and stomach pain. If you experience any side effects after consuming honey mushrooms, discontinue use immediately. It’s also not advisable to consume alcohol with the mushrooms, and certain species should not be eaten within 12–24 hours of drinking alcohol to prevent negative symptoms.

Resource Can You Eat Honey Mushroom? (Or Is This Fungus Toxic?) – Dr. Axe (


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