Fresh Green-Grey Morels


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Please give us an extra day to delivery, so order 2 days before you need them so if there are any delays, you still get them on time. Shipping for the next day, even if you order before our cutoff time, doesn’t mean we can get them out. Sometimes the morels don’t look great, sometimes we don’t get any in, or a very small amount. We cannot guarantee we will be able to delivery the next day. If you have to have them the next day, call us and email us.

If you do not give us any delivery date, your order will be shipped as soon as we have them in.

The moisture will be regained when they are rinsed. You can put these morels in a bowl of salt water to clean. These morels are about 1  inch-6 inches tall, but on the smaller size at the beginning of the season, as the season progresses, they get bigger. There may be a few smaller ones in with your package. The morels will probably be very warm when you receive them, which is fine because they are very fresh. They are picked and shipped within 24 hours, so they are really fresh and can stand heat.
-There are about 20-25 morels per pound.
-Refrigerate immediately upon arrival. You can put them in a bowl or strainer, something that will be sure to give them air circulation. They will continue to dry out, but again, when you put them in water, they regain their moisture. Use within 3- 5 days after arrival. Check them daily to make sure none of them have gone bad. If you find a bad mushroom, remove it immediately or it will ruin all of the morels around it. You will know because it will get soft.
Please let us know within 1 hour upon delivery if there are any issues or we cannot credit or ship new mushrooms.

These Oregon morels are wild crafted and gmo free. Sometimes spelled morle or moral mushrooms,pinecone mushrooms. Oregon morels grow in the wild in the many different places. They are very elusive! We ship all over the USA, ALL 50 states. We have to ship them Fedex Priority overnight. Make sure to put them in the refrigerator as soon as they arrive or they will go bad. If you have them dropped off, and they are left outside, they will begin to go bad pretty quickly. If you need them left in a certain area, let us know so we can write a note to fedex.
Soak your mushrooms in salt water when you are ready to use them. There may be critters that we did not see before we shipped them. It is normal with anything organic or wild crafted to have critters. The salt water will draw out the critters, then rinse the morels off. We do apologize for any critters that may hatch in transit



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