Fresh Blonde Morel Mushrooms


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You will get about 3 cups of morels, about 20 morels per pound.
The different types of morels vary through the season, they are known as morchella elata, grey morels, blonde (yellow morels) black morels, fire morels (conicas), morelles, sponge mushroom and pinecone mushroom. These are not morchella esculenta or morchella deliciousa. Please be aware, as the weather gets warmer, the morels will be dry to the touch, but when you rinse them before you use them, they will regain their weight. Mushrooms consist of a lot of water, so they do dry out some. These mushrooms are wild grown, using no pesticides.
To clean your morels- put 2 Tsp salt in just enough ice water to submerged your morels for about 10 minutes, agitate your morels and rinse them off with really cold water.This removes any critters that may be in the morels. That is possible since they are from the forest, we cannot guarantee that they will be free of pests. Unfortunately, there is a high probability of having bugs and tiny worms in the mushrooms once it starts warming up that will come out en route. If we see any, we do not ship them. Follow the instruction above to kill and remove anything in your mushrooms. If there was anything we could do to prevent this, we would. Not using any chemicals to kill them means we cannot kill them.

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