Fresh Black Winter Truffles -Perigords


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Store your truffle (s) in a  paper towel. Use within 5 days. Store in a sealed container. You can put eggs in the container, cheese, whatever you want to infuse the aroma in, risotto, rice, etc. just make sure they don’t touch the food that is in the container.  Make sure to change the paper towels out daily and wrap each truffle individually. Store in the warmer part of the refrigerator, such as the bottom shelf.

The Fresh Black Winter Truffles belongs to the Tuber Melanosporum family. Black Winter Truffles originally grow in the Southern part of France called Perigord, where they got their name Perigord Truffles. The aroma is amazing! The sharp and fine aroma is amazing on pasta, risotto, dark & light meat, potatoes and eggs!

Recommended uses: Its most classic use is in a traditional sauce made by mixing the minced or chopped truffle to warm olive oil flavored with a hint of garlic, salt and ground pepper. Do not use excessive heat when cooking with truffles, they are best if they are added at the end of the cooking time, just long enough to infuse the aroma and flavor but not too long, or you will lose a lot of the flavor and aroma.

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