Fresh Black Trumpet Mushrooms


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We have dried black trumpets all year.

Fresh Black Trumpets are known as the Horn of Plenty, Trumpet de Mort, Black Chanterelle, Black Trompet and Craterellus fallax. Black Trumpet Mushrooms are also known as the poor mans truffle. In appearance, they are flower-like and hollow, like a trumpet. It has a rich flavor that is commonly used in egg, fish, cream sauces and cheese dishes. It has a flavor that goes well with wild game as well. It has a smoky, buttery flavor and is a great contrast to pale colored foods. If the moisture content is high, wrap your mushrooms in paper towels and then in a hand towel so it soaks up the excess of moisture, the shelf life is 5 -7 days once it starts raining, check them every day because if one goes bad it will spread to the other mushrooms very quickly. You will know because they get slimy, slimy is different than being wet.


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